A Self-Love post

So this was me in 2012, I was 13 or 14 years old and I completely hated myself. I hated the way I looked and everything else that had to do with me. I was so unconfident and cried endlessly about how ugly I was. I think by doing this I was letting out other... Continue Reading →


WRINKLE – A poem

wrinkling the time the passes above our eyes wrinkling the truth which may be real for my youth wrinkling the sun open your mind and point your gun above our eyes above our skies stop wrinkling the past as it will never last long enough for you to remember the way we wrinkled and wrinkled... Continue Reading →


There is this shop which I discovered in a small city in Italy, that I absolutely love. I have never bought anything from this shop as it's always closed! But I love looking at the messy window displays and discovering something new and bizarre every time.   This shop contains everything and anything. I always... Continue Reading →


I do not think i know you I thought I did not know you I think I do not know you from thoughts of not knowing you But maybe I know you maybe I do via Daily Prompt: Wonder

IS – Two paintings

I do art. I make paintings, videos, installations, 3D pieces, performance art, digital art, mixed media...... I just like doing everything and anything that feels appropriate for my concept or anything I'm investigating and thinking about. However, even though art is such a big part of my life and who I am I have yet... Continue Reading →


I don't fit into the circle I don't want to shape my lungs to the air I cannot breath to the sounds I cannot see I don't fit into this place I don't want to shape my face to the words to the lines to the expressions of your time I don't fit into your... Continue Reading →

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