Why is it that you are Bored – Bus Stop and Poem

Why is it that we eat food Why is it that we drink water Why is it that we build houses to protect us from what we made Why is it that we make love Why is it that we make hate Why is it that we are so bored we can't even contemplate For... Continue Reading →


I’m too messy – Outfit

  I'm too messy I'm too messy I'm too messy I'm too messy The mess is not only in my head under the bed it is fed by my thoughts it is led by my mind it is everywhere   Don't forget to follow this blog if you'd like Also my Instagram @mariagoundry Maria x... Continue Reading →

Brains Without Minds – Artwork

It is May. I have an exhibition coming up this weekend which I'm very stressed about and I'm trying to frantically finish all the work for it. I was part of another exhibition last May, my Art & Design foundation exhibition at Central Saint Martins. It has been a WHOLE year since I finished my... Continue Reading →

Yellow shirt – Poem and Outfit

  Flowers that bloom Flowers that loom over my head and into the green skies over the thoughts that don't mind over the clouds and into the water splash a flower fell splash a flower drowned splash a flower bloomed splash here I am and as night comes I retreat into my shell my soft shell... Continue Reading →

Chef Trousers – An Outfit

I bought these trousers at a charity shop/thrift shop I WAS SO HAPPY WHEN I FOUND THEM With these wonderful trousers I was wearing a very very oversized sweatshirt over a black turtle neck. I was also wearing a very old pair of sneakers and a fanny pack/bum bag around my shoulder. My friend just... Continue Reading →

Some Fashion Sketches

If you've been following me you have probably realised i have many many interests. I also really like and I'm interested in fashion and style. As well as generally being interested in buying, finding and customising clothes. Making outfits. looking into different style, realities and eras. I also enjoy designing my own pieces and sketching... Continue Reading →

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